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Monkton Combe Women's Institute invite you to read extracts from

Women's Institute book "Portrait of a Parish"

"The beauty of the area is the feature most remembered by those who had the inclination to write and the freedom to roam across fields and woodland, fish or bathe in the brook, or to enjoy the sight of orchards in blossom. These features have left many nostalgic testimonies."

"Some people think that only the tremendous is worth writing about; that all things read or written should be full of catastrophes and that nothing less is worthwhile. Wars and upheavals have so accustomed us to such huge tragedies and triumphs that the ordinary events in the lives of ordinary people seem trivial. But triviality and the writing of trifles can be attractive and useful, if only as an antidote to the overdoses of slumps, booms, wars, rumours of wars, scientific terrors, and general abnormalities and monstrosities. They can, in fact, bring peace to overwrought minds."

From "The Delectable Valley", by A.V. Owen
     Former member of staff at Monkton Combe School.

    Published in 1952

To celebrate the Millennium, the Monkton Combe branch of the Women's Institute decided to compile a book celebrating the last 100 years of the village. With the help of residents (past and present) and other local people, November 2000 saw the launch of their efforts. The following pages contain extracts from that book, and my grateful thanks to all concerned for allowing me to reproduce it here. Sadly,  limited funds only allowed the printing of a few hundred copies which were quickly sold. A reprint is being done, but again, will probably sell out quickly (April 2001).

I hope that once you have read at least some of the following pages, you will begin to see the beauty of our village, past and present, and understand why some residents, having either been born here or decided to set up home here - have stayed.

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