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Viaduct Inn

This inn is at the bottom of Brassknocker Hill and spans the corner of the junction of the hill with the A36 Bath to Warminster Road. Its garden overlooks the road and the "Clank" - the name given to the lane which was once the old railway line and now leads to Monkton Combe Mill, Monkton Combe School and the Village.

Sketch of The Viaduct Inn

Now mainly used for Bed and Breakfast accommodation with passing trade (tourists and business people) popping in for some refreshments.

* The old brewery has now been converted into a house.

** October 2005. The Viaduct Inn has now closed its doors. A planning application has been submitted to turn the Inn into residential units.

*** June 2006 Planning consent was given to turn the Viaduct Inn and its associated out building into 9 residential units. The Viaduct goes up for auction, with this consent, later this year.
You can read the Planning Decision here (.pdf)

**** October 2007 - The development is under way now. Initially there were quite a few concerns as part of Brassknocker Hill and Trollopes Hill have traffic restrictions and have been made one-way, this can be for any period up to 9 months!!

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