The Parish of Monkton Combe, in the County of Somerset
in the year 1851

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map of Monkton Combe in 1851

The King William 4th Inn has long since disappeared, so has the blacksmith. These buildings now form part of Monkton Combe School. The Somerset Coal Canal no longer runs along the bottom of the village. The School doesn't exist any longer. The independent Chapel belonged to Monkton Combe School, but they have since had a new chapel built on the other side of the road. Look for the Lock-up (which still exists today - but is not in use!). At the very top of that road, on the left, the end building is now the Wheelwrights Arms public house (which it has been for about 137 years and known locally as the 'Wheelies'). The cottages to the left are used as bed and breakfast accommodation by the Wheelwrights.